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Is it Time for another Low Notes for … ?

In 2010, from April 20th through May 7th, Nashville had a major flood that caused $2.3 billion in damage and leaving 31 people dead in TN, KY and MS. Many people were affected by the flood losing their homes and some if not all of their possessions. Bass players from all over came together with Low Notes for Nashville helping those in need with finding a new place to live, helping to rebuild their house as well as supplying gear so that the bass players could continue to make a living plying their trade.

On October 22, 2012 through October 31, 2012 hurricane Sandy caused $65.6 billion in damage becoming the second costliest hurricane in US history.  At least 253 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries. I know that there are many musicians that have had severe damage to their home if not lost it entirely. The possessions such as clothing, memorabilia and very possibly their music equipment were lost too. Maybe it’s time for bass players to unite again to help their fellow players get back on their feet. This caused damage from Miami to Maine and hitting New Jersey and New York extremely hard.

What are your thoughts on starting a new Low Notes for ??? to again reach out and help.

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