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Finally a New Blog Post

As the title stated, we are finally writing a new blog post. It’s time to catch up on so there will be a lot of changes starting to happen during the rest of 2015 and continuing work on the site during 2016. We’re looking at getting some of the interviews we had planned on publishing. Possibly getting the classifieds on line as well as getting several new features.

Many things have happened this year, David Hungate, Toto’s original bassist has rejoined the band and is touring this summer along with the band Yes. With that in mind, the founding member Chris Squire passed away in June of this year (2015) from leukemia. He had asked Billy Sherwood to take his place for the tour and it seems, his place in the band.

Originally an area for hiring bass session players was going to be added to the site. Then after talking to several musicians, a new site was developed where musicians of all kinds may sign up and producers, bands, solo artists, studios, etc. can search for the players needed. Check out

For those that have news or wishes to join in writing for AltGuitarBass send an email to and give your suggestion on topics or news.

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